In Domsjö near Örnsköldsvik, in the midst of the northern forests, lies the cradle of the Swedish chemical industry

SEKAB is one of sweden’s largest cleantech companies and is among europe’s leaders in the field of ethanol and biorefinery technology.


In Domsjö near Örnsköldsvik, in the midst of the northern forests, lies the cradle of the Swedish chemical industry. This is where SEKAB has its roots. The first drops of ethanol were produced in this area as early as in 1909 and it is with over one hundred years of combined experience we now move on to the next generation of sustainable bioethanol and innovative solutions in green chemistry.

Our society is facing an enormous challenge where old sources of energy must be replaced by renewable ones. SEKAB is one of Europe’s leading ethanol players and we want to contribute to a future where the demand for fossil fuels and raw material is reduced. We do this by producing and importing ethanol which we refine to both biofuels and green chemicals.

Ethanol for biofuel and green chemicals

The ethanol we produce and import is used in our various fuels and is also refined into green chemistry products that end up as products that we use in our everyday lives. Windscreen washer fluid, vinegar, water-based paints, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, cleaning products, varnishes and inks are some examples of the end-results of our green chemistry. All these products which are usually made from oil can with great benefit to the climate instead be produced from renewable ethanol.

Our biofuel ED95 is an ethanol based fuel for adapted diesel engines. It consists of 95 percent pure ethanol. ED95 provides both good energy effect and reduces climate change.

SEKAB has since the beginning been the main force behind the development of the E85 market in Sweden.  No other country in Europe has conducted such large and consistent efforts to make biofuels available to everyone.

Unique technology for production of cellulosic ethanol

In the Biorefinery Demo Plant in Örnsköldsvik we have developed commercial technologies to produce cellulosic ethanol from many kinds of raw materials, including wood chips, straw and sugarcane bagasse.

SEKAB’s technology is ranked among the top five globally. At the moment we are involved in several pilot studies with companies from around the world who with our help are examining the potential of various types of by-products rich in cellulose.

Strength in numbers

Our major strength is our home ground development area of Domsjö. Domsjö’s advanced biorefinery is to be found here and it is also known as the Biorefinery of the Future. In this environment we and other companies in the process industry interact with the university and the community in the Umeå and Örnsköldsvik region to take advantage of our northern forestry resources in the best way. Together we want to make more from our trees.

  • SEKAB a chemical & cleantech company

    SEKAB a Chemical & cleantech company
    In Domsjö near Örnsköldsvik, in the midst of the northern forests, lies the cradle of the Swedish chemical industry Watch the film here


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