At the SEKAB Biofuels & Chemicals plant in the Domsjö area we produce acetaldehyde, ethyl acetate, ethanol 99% and acetic acid. We work with catalytic processes in which the raw materials react with high efficiency. Our dominant byproduct is ordinary water.

Chemical Plant at night

We work according to the circular flow principle:

  • The production takes place with as little toxicological effects as possible and minimised climate impact.
  • In our production processes we aim at all times to not expose the natural environment to systematic increases in concentration.
  • Our products are handled in such a way that we minimise toxicological effects, and minimise environmental impact.

Advanced purification in closed system

Advanced purification in closed system

SEKAB uses very advanced gas purification technologies in the acetaldehyde and acetic acid production lines in which the degree of purification is more than 99 percent. The outgoing process water is treated in an anaerobic wastewater treatment process which is very effective – after purification the water’s is close to completely unaffected natural water.

Green materials for the sake of the climate

In our chemical plant we can produce green products from renewable raw materials in a process running on green bioenergy. This provides a product with very low net emissions of climate changing carbon dioxide, looking at the whole production process.

Furthermore, SEKAB can provide products manufactured with second-generation cellulosic ethanol as a raw material. That way we keep our processes and products as carbon neutral as possible.