SEKAB operates according to the principles of sustainable development. Current and future needs must be met based on consideration for future generations. SEKAB shall meet customers and interested parties’ expectations based on sound legal and ethical values.

Sustainability initiatives

Sustainable ethanolAt a ceremony in Brussels SEKAB was awarded the “Sustainable Bioethanol Award” for its contributions to the development of verified sustainable ethanol and to the technology for second generation ethanol Sustainable Bioethanol Awardbased on cellulose. The British company, Green Power Conferences, was the initiator of this prize which was first awarded at the World Biofuels Markets Conference in Brussels. An independent jury of seven international researchers and scientists was responsible for the selection of SEKAB from a number of companies nominated in the bioethanol category.

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SEKAB operates according to EMS ISO 14001:2004 and SEKAB BioFuels & Chemicals are environmentally certified to ISO 14001 standards. In this way we have control over the environmental work and development and the standard helps us to continuously reduce our operations’ overall environmental impact.

Here you can find our ISO 14001 certificate


We operate according to the ISO 9001 quality management system. By following this international standard, we not only have more satisfied customers we also have reduced our operating costs.

Responsibility and care

SEKAB is affiliated to the international environmental programme Responsibility and Care. This implies that in our operations we put the health and safety of our staff, surroundings and the environment first.

Maria Kristoffersson

Maria Kristoffersson

Environmental Engineer

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