Here at SEKAB you have the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future by developing renewable biofuels and green chemistry products. Our research is unique and has resulted in innovative solutions in green chemistry.

The SEKAB Group has over 90 employees and an annual turnover of SEK 2 billion. Our headquarters and our facilities are in the Domsjö development area in Örnsköldsvik.

We attract many different professions. In addition to engineers and plant operators, we naturally also have skilled IT specialists, logisticians, administrators and other important personnel. We are always interested in finding new talent so please register your CV in our database if you would like to work for us.

We aim towards diversity in our workplace. We want to take advantage of the qualities that gender balance and ethnic and cultural diversity contribute to our operations.

Kindly contact our Human Resources Department for more information. Use the contact form here or call our switchboard on +46 (0)660-793 00, and they will help you.


For further information about job opportunities contact Lisa Holmgren at


SEKAB works actively and continuously to offer opportunities for students to work on their of master’s theses or the equivalent with us.

Our ambition is:

  • to be an attractive company for degree project students by offering interesting assignments, good supervision and market-based compensation
  • that all degree project workers will get a positive impression of SEKAB as an employer
  • that master theses will be important sources of future recruitment
    This is because theses:
  • are seen to be important contributions to innovation, creativity and strategic development
  • contribute to SEKAB long-term skills provision
  • challenge and encourage reflection among SEKAB’s employees
  • promote contacts and exchanges of knowledge between SEKAB and higher education
  • disseminate knowledge about SEKAB, promoting future collaborations and business

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Lisa Holmgren

Lisa Holmgren

Human Resources

+46 (0)660-793 59

  • SEKAB a chemical & cleantech company

    SEKAB a Chemical & cleantech company
    In Domsjö near Örnsköldsvik, in the midst of the northern forests, lies the cradle of the Swedish chemical industry Watch the film here


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    Read about our sustainability work

  • SEKAB Product Sheet

    Ethyl acetate
    Premium Pure Windscreen Washer Fluid
    Premium Pure Technical Ethanol 95%
    Premium Pure Thermol