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Good news for green chemistry in new EU industrial policy

Jan 23, 2014
Ylva Alwarsdotter

For the first time, access to bio-based raw materials is highlighted as a priority issue for industrial development in European Commission’s new communication. Since the high import duty on bio-ethanol is one of the biggest barriers to growth of bio-based chemistry in Europe, SEKAB welcomes this and looks forward to hearing what measures will be taken to improve the situation.

On 22 January, the European Commission published its new communication on industrial policy ”For A European Industrial Renaissance”.
The Commission urges member states to recognize the central role of industry in creating jobs and growth, and also points to a number of challenges to the industry’s development. Access to bio-based raw materials at world market prices is pointed out as one of four prioritised areas for the future competitiveness of European industry.

“This is our most important issue for the future”, says Anders Fredriksson, CEO at SEKAB, ”Even if our vision in the long terms is to use domestic raw materials, for example from forests, we are entirely dependent on imported ethanol in the short and medium terms to develop our bio-based production.”

Currently, European companies pay the equivalent of a 50 percent duty on imported bio-ethanol, whilst competitors in other parts of the world pay duties of a couple percent at most. For this reason, bio-based production is growing in other parts of the world, but struggling to take off in Europe.

“Under the current customs regime, companies in countries like China or Brazil have an enormous advantage. So we are very pleased, and have also written to president Barroso to ask what concrete measures the Commission will propose now”, says Ylwa Alwarsdotter, Vice President at SKEAB, who has followed the issue for some time.

”We are very pleased the Commission recognizes the potential of our
industry to contribute to growth, if only we are given access to raw material”, says Urban Svensson, Director Global Procurement at Perstorp AB.


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