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SEKAB is one of sweden’s largest cleantech companies and is among europe’s leaders in the field of ethanol and biorefinery technology.

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Mar 12, 2019

Today, we are proud to announce that one of the chemicals that we use, acetaldehyde, has been issued an independent sustainability certification. This basic chemical is used in everything from food items and nappies, to paint and plastics. Replacing fossil alternatives with our acetaldehyde decreases the climate impact by up to 50 percent.

Renewable chemicals are an important step to making the chemical industry fossil free, and today, SEKAB is the only European company that can manufacture fully sustainable basic chemicals. We use sustainable ethanol in the production process that is powered by renewable energy. This is part of a circular process using advanced biological purification that significantly decreases the impact on our environment and our climate.

The ethanol that we produce our acetaldehyde from has been certified by ISCC. That guarantees that it is sustainable. In practice the certification means that:

• agricultural lands have been used responsibly when growing crops
• forests have not been cleared to make way for croplands
• all rules and regulations are adhered to when it comes to human rights, labour conditions and land rights
• there is full traceability in our company value chains
• we can show how big the reduction of greenhouse gases is.

The sustainability certification is issued by the independent organisation International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC), that works towards a green and liveable planet.

For companies working within the chemical industries, sustainably certified basic chemicals mean several opportunities. Our products can help the transition towards a circular production process, by using sustainable resources – and in the long run, also help your customers live more sustainably.

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