In Domsjö near Örnsköldsvik, in the midst of the northern forests, lies the cradle of the Swedish chemical industry

SEKAB is one of sweden’s largest cleantech companies and is among europe’s leaders in the field of ethanol and biorefinery technology.

Women at the heart of the bioeconomy!

Mar 14, 2019

For the third consecutive year, our Strategic Market Development Officer, Ylwa Alwarsdotter, is celebrated on web magazine Il Bioeconomista’s list of women considered most important for developing the bioeconomy, published on Women’s Day.

We are thrilled that Ylwa is acknowledged together with 15 other prominent foreground women in the industry. We want more women to get involved in the bioeconomy! It’s an important issue for us at SEKAB and should be to the industry at large.

A transition to a fossil free society demands significant efforts from all parties, and both women and men can even individually make a big difference.

Not least in politics. We currently have an EU directive that sets targets for an increased quota of advanced biofuels in our transport system. That is all well and good, but the local governments in Europe must now prioritise the implementation of the decision.

A key action is ensuring investment support to actors who can quickly scale up the production of renewable fuels and support the goal of a fossil free transport sector.

At SEKAB, we are ready to contribute to a large-scale production of biofuels that can benefit the climate goals of the entire EU. Our technology, CelluAPP®, is already developed, tested and demonstrated, and available on license. Production now needs to scale up for us to get more renewable into our fuel tanks.

To succeed we need more women that get involved in the bioeconomy. A greater diversity in the industry is good for not just for individual workplaces and the bioenergy sector at large, but also for the climate!

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