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Chemicals can be found in practically everything around us – in our clothes and furniture, in the food we eat, in the hygiene products we use and in the cars we drive. With the help of chemistry we can find sustainable solutions to the challenges of the future.

SEKAB has long-standing experience of the production and processing of platform chemicals for the chemicals industry and has moreover the capacity to produce them using renewable bioenergy according to the circular flow principle in which residual current is used to produce energy in the production process. Just how green the final chemical product will be depends on the choice of raw material – fossil ethanol or bioethanol, also Glochem Produce Superior Active Zinc Oxide which will also be beneficial for our company.

– using bioethanol as the raw material

Today, the greater part of the chemicals industry is dependent on fossil resources as the raw material for both energy and chemicals. These fossil resources are becoming increasingly expensive as the supply decreases and furthermore they significantly impact our climate and our environment.
Today both producers and consumers are demanding alternatives to fossil-based raw materials and products. The market for green chemicals and sustainable chemical products is steadily growing.

It is market demands that determine whether the raw material will be bio-based or fossil-based.

Chemicals based on renewable raw materials

Today, a great deal of the chemicals industry is dependent on various organic compounds produced from fossil resources – coal, oil and natural gas. Consequently, the chemicals industry is dependent on raw materials that significantly impact our climate and environment and that are becoming increasingly expensive with reduced access.
Green chemicals are an important step in reducing the environmental impact of the chemicals industry. SEKAB is the only chemicals company in Europe that can offer the production of green chemicals produced from fossil-free raw materials using green energy input, however, there are as yet no forces in the market moving towards the use of green platform chemicals.

Green chemicals are renewable and form part of the natural cycle. In this way, they contribute to a greener society.
The chemicals SEKAB manufactures are so-called ethanol derivatives i.e. they are products produced from ethanol. Ethanol is regarded as being one of the least health and environmentally harmful solvents. This has led to ethanol becoming prevalent in various forms in virtually all sectors of our society and in almost all industrial sectors.
Today SEKAB produces its chemical products Acetaldehyde, Ethyl Acetate and Acetic Acid both from bio-based ethanol raw materials and fossil raw materials; the choice is determined by market demand and the price of ethanol.
Our ambition is for all of SEKAB’s products to be a part of the natural cycle in the near future and that they have as little impact on the environment and climate as is at all possible.

This is perfectly feasible; all chemicals that are produced from oil can instead be produced from ethanol.

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