Acetaldehyde – an important platform chemical

Acetaldehyde is a key raw material in the production of a wide range of chemical products such as paint binders in alkyd paints and as a plasticizer for plastics. Acetaldehyde is also used in the production of construction materials, fire retardant paints and explosives. In the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry acetaldehyde is used in the production of, for instance, sedatives and tranquilizers.

Acetaldehyde is also used a base in the manufacture of acetic acid, another platform chemical with many applications.

Acetaldehyde is also used as an aromatic agent and is found naturally in fruits and fruit juices. Acetaldehyde occurs naturally during fermentation and is found in low levels in certain foodstuffs.

  • Dairy products
  • Soy products
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Non-alcoholic beverages

SEKAB produces acetaldehyde industrially through the catalytic oxidation of ethanol. The production process takes place using renewable bioenergy in closed loop systems and with as limited toxicological effects as possible. Our chemicals plant uses a very advanced gas purification process through which the air released from the plant is as clean as that taken in.

The raw material used in the production of ethanol can be either bio- or fossil-based.

Green acetaldehyde – the natural climate choice

For our customers with high environmental standards SEKAB can produce green acetaldehyde made from biologically produced ethanol. This is also produced driven by process run on green bio-energy and it therefore provides a product while generating low CO2e levels. The difference compared to fossil-derived acetaldehyde is significant.

For those customers for whom the environmental characteristics of a product are particularly important, SEKAB can produce acetaldehyde made from second-generation ethanol that is produced using residual products from existing production.

This provides a product that is as climate neutral as is at all possible.

General information, Acetaldehyde

CAS number:
Molecular Formula:
Molecular weight:

44.05 g/mol

Synonyms: Ethanal Etylaldehyd, Ethanal, AcH, Aceticaldehyde, Ethylaldehyde
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