Acetaldehyde – an important platform chemical

Acetaldehyde is a key raw material in production of a wide range of chemicals such as paint binders in alkyd paints and as  a plasticizer for plastics. It is also used in the production of construction materials, fire retardant paints and explosives. The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry uses acetaldehyde in the production of, for instance, sedatives and tranquilizers.

Acetaldehyde is also a raw material in the manufacture of acetic acid, another basic chemical with many applications. It occurs naturally in fruits and fruit juices and is used as an aromaticum. Acetaldehyde occurs naturally during fermentation and is in low levels found in certain foods.

  • Dairy products
  • Soy products
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Non-alcoholic beverages

SEKAB produces acetaldehyde industrially by catalytic oxidation of ethanol.

Green acetaldehyde - the natural choice for the climate

SEKAB delivers green acetaldehyde made from biologically produced ethanol to customers with high environmental standards. SEKAB’s production process runs on green bio-energy and therefore provides a product low on carbon dioxide emissions. The difference to fossil-derived acetaldehyde is significant – 0.75 kg compared to 5.7 kg CO2 per kg produced acetaldehyde. SEKAB has the capacity to produce 36 000 tonnes of green acetaldehyde.

Acetaldehyde with second-generation cellulosic ethanol as a raw material

To some of our customers the environmental characteristics of a product are particularly important.  SEKAB can provide acetaldehyde made from second-generation ethanol that is produced using waste products from existing production.

SEKAB’s production process is powered with renewable bioenergy and creates a minimum of toxic emissions. Advanced gas purification makes air emitted from the plant cleaner than the air admitted. Acetaldehyde from second-generation cellulosic ethanol is the choice for those of our customers who are keen to keep their processes and products as carbon neutral as possible.

General information, Acetaldehyde

CAS number:
Molecular Formula:
Molecular weight:

44.05 g/mol


Ethanal Etylaldehyd, Ethanal, AcH, Aceticaldehyde, Ethylaldehyde

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