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NEWS December 2015

This year marked a milestone, it was thirty years ago that SEKAB was founded in the Domsjö industrial area outside Örnsköldsvik. Many thanks to those of you who celebrated this anniversary with us! Since then we have been nominated one of Sweden’s most sustainable companies. Furthermore, we have met with politicians to, among other things, discuss how we can more swiftly adjust to a more sustainable society.

One of Sweden’s most sustainable companies

Sweden’s 100 most sustainable companies have been selected by Whispr Group and Sustainable Brand Index. SEKAB is one of three fuel companies on the list. We are of course both proud and happy about this!

The ranking is based on how sustainability is being discussed on Twitter. Here you will find SEKAB’s Twitter account SEKAB:s Twitter account. Please feel free to talk sustainability with us there!

Continued tax exemption for ED95

The EU Commission decided on 14th December that ethanol fuel ED95 for buses and lorries is to retain tax relief until 2018. ED95 will not be affected by the tax increase on renewable fuels for private cars that came into force on 1st December.

Our extended chemical production plant has now been inaugurated

By extending our facility, we have increased our capacity to produce acetaldehyde by 30 per cent. Acetaldehyde is an important basic chemical which is used in paints, textiles and as flavouring. We have also built an entirely new and automated unloading location. See our new facilities in the video above (Swedish language).

Now the conditions are being created for the bio-based industry in Sweden!

CelluTech-r1Last week Ylwa Alwarsdotter met Camilla Lehorst, newly appointed officer responsible for the government’s forthcoming action plan for a bio-economy. Industry Minister Damberg has stated that it is urgent and that an action plan is needed straight away, which is incredibly positive. That meeting was followed by a meeting with Sven-Erik Bucht, our Countryside Minister. He was very open to our ideas and thoughts, which was pleasing.

Among other things, we talked about Locally Produced Plastics and that the demand for the finished products and technology to create them is already in place – the only thing that is missing is stable political incentives to facilitate investment decisions here at home. Now we need to find a solution together and we shall deepen these discussions and take the next step towards the realisation of investments in a bio-based industry in Sweden at the beginning of next year, when Sven-Erik plans to visit SEKAB’s plant.

Tomas Nilsson appointed new CEO of SEKAB

It has now been confirmed that Tomas Nilsson has been appointed new President and CEO of SEKAB. He assumes his position on 1stFebruary 2016. Tomas comes most recently from SCA Packaging Obbola AB.

Thank you for this year and Merry Christmas

Finally, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • SEKAB a chemical & cleantech company

    SEKAB a Chemical & cleantech company
    In Domsjö near Örnsköldsvik, in the midst of the northern forests, lies the cradle of the Swedish chemical industry Watch the film here

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    Ethyl acetate
    Premium Pure Windscreen Washer Fluid
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