A sustainable plant for green chemical production

SEKAB is one of the world’s few (perhaps the only) producers of entirely green chemical alternatives. The heart of production is the chemical plant – the biorefinery facility in Örnsköldsvik where, using renewable energy, we can produce green products from biomass and purified emissions.


Green raw materials in efficient processes

In the plant, we produce basic chemicals that are important in the chemical industry – mainly acetaldehyde, ethyl acetate and acetic acid. We have the capacity to produce sustainable acetaldehyde and ethyl acetate from bioethanol with renewable energy input. This makes us an ideal chemical partner for companies looking to reduce their climate impact.

A sustainable product requires sustainable energy input

Our goal is to always be able to provide an entirely green product of bio-based raw materials. This requires that we use sustainable energy input in our processes. We acquire this energy in the form of vapour from Övik Energy’s biomass-fired power and heating plant. In this way, our process delivers a very low carbon footprint, perhaps the lowest in the world in comparison with equivalent industries.

An efficient process under constant evolvement

We work with catalytic processes in which our raw materials maintain very high efficiency levels. Our largest waste product is ordinary water. The energy consumption of the process is continuously monitored and we work constantly to streamline our processes. The goal is to continually reduce energy consumption so that our chemical products will be even more sustainable.

Advanced purification produces low emissions

The degree of gas purification at our chemical plant is extremely advanced and exceeds 99 per cent. The organic process-generated residues undergo biological purification through process run jointly with other industries in the area. Biogas generated through this process is used to produce energy.