Adnan Cavka has been employed as a development engineer and project manager at SEKAB E-Technology. He has most recently been employed at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, where he worked as a researcher at the Department of Microbiology.

– Moving from oil dependence to a society based on renewable energy is one of the biggest challenges of our time. SEKAB carries out research and develops world-class technologies, and I am very happy to be contributing to this work, says Adnan Cavka, Development Engineer and Project Manager, SEKAB E-Technology.

Adnan Cavka holds a PhD in Technical Chemistry from Umeå University, where he carried out research on the production of ethanol from cellulose-based raw materials, such as forests. His PhD thesis addressed more efficient production of green fuels, in cooperation with SEKAB.

Now he will continue to work with SEKAB’s CelluCond ™ technology, which streamlines the process of extracting cellulose sugar and lignin from wood, straw and other biomass.

– Adnan Cavka is responsible for several of our patents on our CelluApp® technology platform, which transforms cellulose-based residues into environmentally friendly chemical products. We are very excited about being able to work with him again, says Thore Lindgren, Business Area Manager for SEKAB E-Technology.

SEKAB E-Technology develops technology and carries out research aimed towards producing commercial chemical products from forest raw materials.

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