Chemistry in everything around us

Chemicals are to be found in practically everything around us – in our clothes and furniture, in the food we eat, in the hygiene products we use and in the cars we drive.

The chemicals that Sekab manufactures are so-called ethanol derivatives, i.e. products that are produced from the raw material ethanol. Ethanol is amongst the least health and environmentally harmful solvents. This has meant that ethanol in various forms can be found virtually everywhere in our society and in almost all industrial sectors.

Sekab produces acetaldehyde, ethyl acetate, acetic acid and ethanol products from bio-based ethanol raw materials.

All chemicals that are produced today from oil can be made from ethanol instead

Today, almost the entire chemical industry is dependent on oil as a raw material. At Sekab, we are convinced that the way towards a sustainable society is through using green alternatives. Consequently, we are offering our customers the opportunity to choose entirely green chemical products for the European market.

Green chemicals means that the chemical industry has a renewable raw material, which in turn means that the products form part of the natural carbon dioxide cycle and do not contribute to the problems that the extraction, refining and combustion of oil imply.

Green chemicals are an important step in reducing the chemical industry’s environmental impact. Sekab is the only chemical company in Europe that can provide the production of green chemicals produced by fossil-free raw materials and using green input energy.


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