Chemical Plant

– the chemical plant is the heart of our business

Circular production with bio based raw materials

In Sekab’s chemical plant, we produce bio acetaldehyde, bio ethyl acetate and bio acetic acid. We refine and convert bio ethanol into ethanol-based chemical products. We work in catalytic processes in which the ethanol raw materials react highly effectively, the largest by-product being ordinary water. Our factory is running 24 hours a day.

We work according to the Ecocycle Principle:

  1. Production takes place with as little toxicological effects as possible and minimised climate impact.
  2. In our production, our ambition is always to not expose nature to systematic concentration increases.
  3. Our products are handled in such a way that we minimise toxicological effects and minimise climate impact.

Advanced purification in a closed-loop system

Biological Treatment

Sekab has very advanced gas purification in its production lines. The outgoing process water is treated in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) water purification process which is highly efficient – after purification, the water has a status that is close to completely unaffected natural water.

In the chemical plant we produce Bio Acetaldehyde, Bio Ethyl Acetate and Bio Acetic Acid from ethanol raw materials. The ethanol is bio based and fossil-free.

Green raw materials for the sake of the climate

In our chemical plant, we produce green products from renewable raw materials in a process that is run on green bioenergy. This provides a product with very low emissions of climate impacting carbon dioxide with respect to the entire chain.

Sekab can also supply products manufactured from second-generation cellulosic ethanol as the raw material. In this way, we keep processes and products as climate neutral as is at all possible.

Ethanol as a raw material

We refine ethanol into biofuels and chemicals. We develop biorefinery technology for new sustainable product possibilities based on cellulose raw materials.

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