Our focus areas

Responsible Business

Increased knowledge provides deeper relationships

We work actively to ensure a sustainable value chain, from supplier to customer, where risks are managed and irregularities prevented. Zero tolerance applies to bribery, corruption and other anti-competitive activities. Good business ethics and transparency permeate everything we do and through clarity in our commitments and requirements towards our suppliers, we ensure our business standards.

Customer satisfaction

In accordance with our sales policy, our sales activities shall be characterised by a customer-oriented sales method, where Sekab’s starting point is to know what the customer wants and to convey the added value of our sustainable products. Our sales activities towards our customers shall be characterised by long-term perspectives, sincerity, respect and the pursuit of mutual understanding through which joint business can be developed and potential partnerships can be made possible.

Responsibility in the supply chain

Sekab’s purchasing activities are about doing sustainable business that takes responsibility for business ethics and finance, as well as for the environment and social issues. When purchasing goods and services, we use suppliers who can continuously satisfy requirements, needs and expectations. Suppliers’ competence and willingness to cooperate shall also be taken into consideration.
Dealings with our suppliers shall be conducted professionally and commercially, and shall be characterised by mutual understanding and respect. Quality, price, delivery reliability and sustainability are essential factors in our contacts with suppliers.


We work in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system, an international standard that helps us towards greater customers satisfaction and that lowers our costs. We take responsibility in our business and have a customer focus by being responsive to our customers’ needs and expectations. Here you can read more about our work on health, safety, the environment and quality.


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