Our focus areas

Responsible Business

Our sustainability adds value for our customers

Sekab’s sales policy and purchasing policy comprise the frameworks for how the company governs sales and purchasing practices, as well as our approach to customers and suppliers. Through good relationships and dialogues characterized by trust with customers and suppliers, we develop and improve continuously.

Throughout the chain from supplier to customer, we manage risks and prevent irregularities. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bribery, corruption and other anti-competitive practices. Good business ethics and transparency permeate everything we do, and we ensure our operation through the clarity of our commitments and the requirements we make of our suppliers. Sekab shall be a skilled, reliable partner that always delivers the quality required by customers.

Customer satisfaction

Sales work is characterized by a long-term approach, sincerity and respect. We always consider the needs of the individual customer and try to reach a mutual understanding. This also allows us to provide added value with our sustainable products and develop joint business and partnerships. A solid customer understanding thus determines which products and services Sekab offers on the market. It also improves our conditions for building long-term customer relationships, which strengthens the brand and results in new business opportunities. Sekab has work methods for creating good customer understanding, in which the primary tools are our customer relationship management (CRM) system, our case management system, and good external monitoring.

Customer satisfaction is a measure of how our customer relationships function, how well we are communicating our message, and whether we have achieved the customer understanding for which we are striving. In 2021, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey, the result of which was 4.36 on a 5-point scale. This good result is on the same level that was reached in 2020, but with the major difference that we can see with pride that our efforts to convey the added value of our sustainable products have paid off and our customers see increased added value. The result also shows improvements in the areas of service, customer understanding and delivery reliability. We are proud of this result and consider it evidence of good customer collaborations. The next survey will be conducted in 2022.

Supply chain responsibility

Procurement at Sekab involves doing sustain­able business that takes responsibility for business ethics and finances, as well as environ­mental and social factors. When procuring goods and services, we use suppliers that can continuously meet needs, requirements and expectations. Consideration is also given to the supplier’s expertise and desire to colla­borate.

Contact with our suppliers will be conducted with professionalism and characterized by mutual understanding and respect. Quality, price, delivery reliability and sustainability are key factors in our contact with suppliers.

Sekab divides suppliers into two groups: raw materials suppliers and other suppliers. Raw materials suppliers must always be approved in accordance with Sekab’s supplier qualification, which includes compliance with Sekab’s environmental code and code of conduct. Eight raw materials supplier qualification assessments were carried out in 2021. None of the qualification assessments led to further action.

In 2021, no assessments of other suppliers were conducted. Due to the pandemic, no audits were carried out with any suppliers.

Delivery reliability

We do all we can to ensure that our customers trust us and know we will always deliver as agreed. Among other things, this means comprehensive service related to logistics and warehousing. Regarding fuel, we monitor customers’ inventory and make sure their tanks never go empty. For the chemical product ethyl acetate, we have a warehouse in Antwerp which offers us proximity to the market and, through good dialogue, ensures we can supply our loyal customers with continuous volumes. We also monitor rail transports to make sure they are functioning well, in order to avoid and proactively take action in the event of interruptions and delays. This is because just-in-time deliveries are a top priority for our customers.



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