Our sustainability

– It’s about contributing to a more sustainable society in everything we do

Sustainable development – every day

We want to create a better world through sustainable solutions. That is why we do what we do; produce chemicals with minimal climate impact and biofuel that produces up to 90 per cent less climate-impacting emissions than fossil diesel. We have therefore also developed CelluAPP, biorefinery technology that makes it possible to produce carbon-neutral raw materials for new sustainable chemicals, biofuels and energy carriers from residual products.

Our operations have an impact on people and the environment throughout the value chain, from the choice of raw materials and production, to distribution and end use. Consequently, we also operate our business in a both long-term and responsible manner and the heart of our business is the chemical plant where we work in a circular system with the aid of renewable input energy. This makes us one of the few producers who can offer entirely green alternatives.

In addition to the products and biorefinery technology we develop, we also participate actively in the public debate for a fossil-free society. We strive to demonstrate for politicians and decision-makers, both in Sweden and at the EU level, the opportunities for sustainable development that exist in the chemical, technology and biofuel industry.

We work to reduce the chemical industry’s emissions

Cosmetics, paints and even food – many everyday products – are today produced from fossil raw materials and thus contribute to climate change. But there are alternatives. Sekab can manufacture bio-based chemicals with minimal climate impact and deliver the technology that enables other producers to convert.

The chemical industry’s share of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions is approx. 5 per cent, since production takes place with fossil raw materials and fossil input energy. This means that there are large emission reductions to be made by the chemical industry by switching to bio-based raw materials and renewable energy.

The heart of our operations is our chemical plant where we work in a circular system with the aid of renewable input energy. This makes us one of the few producers that can offer entirely green alternatives.

We want to increase the demand for sustainable chemical products

A fossil-free society is a necessity to cope with climate change; consequently the chemical industry must switch to sustainable and renewable raw materials.

Up until now, fossil raw materials have been cheaper and most operators make their purchase decisions entirely based on price. For this reason, we are participating in the debate for a fossil-independent chemical industry, so that the demand for bio-based chemicals and products from both industry and consumers can increase.

The forest can be used to convert our society to a bioeconomy. Everything that is currently produced using oil as the raw material can instead be produced from residual products from the forest. This applies not only to fuels, chemical products or plastics, but also to products such as pharmaceuticals, toys, nappies and clothing, all of which can be manufactured using biomass as the raw material.


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