Sekab is a green chemical company. We manufacture bio based chemicals and fuels. We are conducting cutting edge research and development for new sustainable product opportunities.

Our business concept

Sekab offers sustainable solutions to industrial customers by:

  • Producing and distributing chemicals and biofuels
  • Developing and selling biomass processing technology for renewable biomass

Our mission

Create a better world through sustainable solutions

Our mission says how we want to contribute to a positive social development. Much of what we do is not visible on the surface but has a greater impact than we might expect. Every employee at Sekab contributes directly or indirectly to things that make a difference.

Our vision

Sekab is the global reference company for sustainable development in the chemical and biofuels industry

Sekab is at the forefront when it comes to actively contributing to the long-term sustainable production, distribution and commercialization of renewable chemical products and biofuels. We will manage and develop this position.


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