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Health and Safety

In an industrial chemical business such as ours, in which we deal with large volumes of goods that are flammable, corrosive or harmful, health and safety are key words in our daily work. For us at Sekab, the health and safety of our employees and of the surrounding environment comes first at all times and we work systematically to prevent risks.

At Sekab, we have a protection organisation that works actively to enable us to constantly improve in this area. What is vital to our success is that each employee has knowledge of and commitment to these issues.

Consequently, we continuously train, inform and stimulate our employees to participate in and take personal responsibility for the work around health and safety issues. We have collaboration and dialogue with external stakeholders such as authorities and local residents around these issues.

Sekab is connected to SSG entré – an industry standard for safer working environments in industrial plants. We require that contractors and employees take part in the safety training that is necessary to carry out their work.

Sekab HSE policy

Important information from the Domsjö industrial area

An industrial area in close proximity to residential areas places high demands on security. The companies within the Domsjö Industrial Area are constantly working to improve safety and to prevent accidents. This is done in close cooperation with the authorities and Örnsköldsvik’s rescue services.

However, accidents can happen and it is therefore important that the general public, and especially you as a neighbouring resident, are aware of the companies in the industrial area and what can happen in the event of a possible serious accident.

Read the folder: If an accident happens

Responsible Care

Sekab is affiliated with Responsible Care, the innovations- and chemical industries commitment to continuous improvements in health, safety and the environment. Responsible Care is a voluntary commitment in which the industry works systematically on issues concerning safety, health and the environment. This is one way to show that we take responsibility for our business and our products.

More about Responsible Care, click here.

Responsible Care
Certifieringsmärke ISO 14001

Our environmental work

As a manufacturer and distributor of sustainable alternatives to fossil chemical products and propellants, Sekab’s environmental commitment includes, to a very high degree, its own operations and their impact on the environment. It goes without saying that we work according to the environmental management system ISO 14001, but we also go further than the standard requires.

External environmental considerations are always a high priority in our business. As part of our environmental work, we continuously monitor and evaluate our operations from an environmental perspective. This is a natural part of our work in respecting the environment both in and around our facilities.

SEKABs ISO 14001(pdf)


ISCC plus certification

ISCC plus sustainability certification ensures that the ethanol we use as our raw material in the production of Bioacetaldehyde is sustainable. This certification is issued by the independent agency, International Sustainability & Carbon Certification ISCC, which works for a green and living planet. In practice, the certification means that:

  • Arable land have been used in a responsible manner when growing crops
  • Forests have not been destroyed to make room for arable land
  • All regulations and laws have been followed regarding human rights, labour and land rights
  • There is full traceability throughout the supply chain
  • We can show how much the reduction of greenhouse gases is

Sekabs ISCC plus-certifikat

Sekabs ISCC certifikat

Our quality work

For those of us who are active in the chemical and process industries, it is extremely important that the products we produce meet the requirements in place regarding quality. Much of what we produce is intermediates that our customers process into the final product. Our products must therefore always meet agreed specifications and they must always be delivered on time. Our consistently high quality is the basis for our customers choosing us as a supplier.

Quality thinking is a natural part of the daily work at Sekab for all our employees. We work to ensure this quality through careful planning, control and monitoring of the operations at every stage.

Sekab meets the requirements of the quality management system ISO 9001.

Sekabs quality policy


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