Sekabs board

Gunnar Olofsson

Chairman of the board since 2017

Gunnar is a forester, Honorary Doctor of Forest Sciences and adviser in business and corporate development. Current Chairman of the Board of Statskog and former CEO and President of Sveaskog and CEO of Inlandsinnovation AB. He has also held leading positions within AssiDomän and the Setra Wood Products Group.

Britt Hansson

Sekab board member since 2017

Britt is the CEO and President of the OK Economic Association and has previously been CFO of OKQ8 and CEO of OKQ8 Bank. She is a former Nordic CFO for McDonald’s. Britt is a board member of Folksam Liv, Apoteket Produktion & Laboratorier AB, KF, Bra Bil AB, OKQ8 AB and OKQ8 Bank AB.

Mats Bergh

Sekab board member since 2018

Mats is the CEO of Johanneberg Science Park and a board member of Connect West. Mats has previously been Executive Vice President of RISE Holding AB and responsible for fundraising and enterprise collaboration at Chalmers University of Technology. Prior to that he was Group Manager at Saab AB and Celsius Consultants AB.

Per Carstedt

Sekab board member since 2007

Per is CEO of EcoEnergy Africa AB. Prior to this he was CEO of the SEKAB Group as well as Chairman of the Board of the BioAlcohol Fuel Foundation and a driving force behind ethanol development in Sweden and Europe.

Fredrik Herlitz

Sekab board member since 2019

Fredrik is CTO and co-owner of Permascand AB, of which he was previously CEO. Fredrik has worked on the development and commercialisation of products and services for Permascand and Nouryon and has been active within Teknikföretagen, the Chamber of Commerce and the Technical College of Southern Norrland.

Anders Järvela

Sekab board member since 2019

Anders is Head of Strategic Management at Skellefteå Kraft AB and is a board member of Mellansvensk Kraftgrupp AB, Energiservice Skellefteå AB, Vattenkraftens Miljöfond Sverige AB and Norrlands Etanolkraft AB.

Karin Hedlund

Sekab board member since 2019

Karin is Executive Vice President and CFO of Umeå Energi AB.

Håkan Vedberg

Sekab board member since 2019

Håkan is CFO and Strategic Business Developer at Övik Energi AB, where he was previously Business Area Manager. He has held positions in product development, marketing and purchasing in engineering and forestry companies such as ABB, Atlas Copco, M-real and BAE-systems.

Employee representatives

Pär Nordlander

Pär Nordlander


Paul Nyström

IF Metall


Andreas Bäckman

Andreas Bäckman

IF Metall
Christina Bas

Christina Bas


Nominating Committee

Kristina Sundin-Jonsson, Head of local government Skellefteå
Mikael Öhlund, Chairman of Nominating Committee
Per Carstedt, EcoDevelopment

SEKABs auditor

Ernst & Young AB
Rikard Grundin, huvudansvarig


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