Our focus areas


Sustainability throughout Sekab

Sekab’s most valuable asset is our employees. Therefore, it is crucial that we attract new colleagues, and both retain and develop existing ones. Our attractiveness is based on collaboration, equality, diversity, and a strong set of values. Three selected characteristics that extend through our actions, recruitment, and interaction are commitment, trust, and creativity.

Sekab’s HSE policy is comprehensive for safety and occupational health work. It is our employer’s responsibility to guarantee a safe workplace and to ensure that health and safety always come first.

Several employees have participated in training on electrical safety (Instructed Person) as well as Hot Works and Lifting Works according to the established time interval for each training area during the year.

Systematic occupational health and safety work is carried out in collaboration between Sekab and the employees, represented by safety representatives. We continuously follow up on the occupational health and safety work while working preventively to promote good health. The occupational health and safety management system is integrated into Sekab’s management system.

The systematic occupational health and safety work includes, among other things:

  • Risk analysis and safety assessments
  • Measurements
  • Assessments of chemical occupational health risks and other occupational health risks
  • HSE rounds
  • OSA rounds
  • Follow-up of incidents and accidents
  • Participation in HSE Council and Protection Committee



Organizational and social work environment, referred to as OSA, is part of the systematic work environment management where monitoring of workload and working hours is continuously conducted. OSA rounds are conducted functionally based on questions about cooperation, discrimination, workload, and mutual respect. Sekab has continued its OSA work through discussions in each function during 2022. The spring’s focus areas were “work organization” and “leadership,” while the fall’s focus areas were “safety and health” and “health factors.” OSA work is a part of living our values – every day.

Handling flammable chemicals on a daily basis requires extensive systematic safety work. Sekab has a Vision Zero policy regarding occupational accidents. A continued goal is to reduce the number of uncontrollable events that could lead to serious chemical accidents. To achieve this goal, Sekab focuses on increased incident reporting, improved change management including safety reviews, shutdown and check-out procedures, and education. Unfortunately, two serious incidents occurred during the year. This has led the company to decide to conduct a campaign with risk education and training in the basic rules of process safety.

Gender equality and diversity

Sekab’s gender equality and diversity policy is based on the fundamental principles of the law on equal treatment and non-discrimination regardless of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic origin, religion or other beliefs. It clarifies our work on gender equality and diversity. Together, people’s different experiences, education, life situations and values create a dynamic that adds new perspectives and ideas.

Our gender equality and diversity plan for 2022-2025 aims to actively work on these issues. Employers and employee representatives for the trade unions jointly review agreed activities and goals. Annually, salary differences between genders are also surveyed and analyzed. The work is done jointly by employers and trade unions. No adjustments were made in connection with the 2022 salary survey.


Sekab aims to be an attractive employer with good leadership and teamwork. We strive to achieve this by encouraging development. Over time, we ensure that the company has the right competence through strategic work with competence supply plans. During the annual employee meeting, a development/training plan is established between the manager and the employee. In parallel, employees are invited to health and safety education. All managers in the company undergo a management development program that extends over several years.

As part of our work with competence supply, Sekab is a member of a jointly owned education company. The purpose is to increase the proportion of demanded and qualitative training courses locally through cooperation with companies in the area. The collaboration also increases the opportunity for local networking between employees of different companies.

Sekab has an ongoing dialogue with universities and high schools. In 2022, the company welcomed two interns to support them in their education. We also collaborate with the municipal technology and entrepreneurship center KOMTEK and support their activities to generate interest in chemistry and technology among children and young people. This is part of the future competence supply in the area.


Sekab has developed strategies and goals in a common platform called HELA Sekab (Sustainable-Efficient-Profitable-Attractive). This platform was launched internally at the end of 2021.

In 2022, four theme days were held to go through each goal and its significance for each of the employees. In April, a “sustainability” theme day was held with a lecture by Mattias Goldmann. In June, we went through what “efficiency” means to us, and in September, we discussed how we interpret the goal of “profitability”. Finally, the company held an attractiveness day with a focus on being an “attractive employer”. These theme days aim to get all employees to work towards the goals and feel a sense of togetherness for even better cooperation and shared success.

Health profile

During 2022, Sekab offered all employees a health examination through occupational health care. The results show that overall, we are healthier than the national average, except for certain risk areas such as neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, and ankles. Some departments have also identified local risk areas such as exercise, sleep, alcohol, and dietary habits. These will be addressed through targeted interventions and tools going forward.

As an employer, Sekab strives to provide conditions for a healthy work life through wellness benefits, corporate massage, and by offering activities through our health inspirers where colleagues meet outside of the workplace and across functional boundaries to get to know each other better. We believe that these efforts may be a contributing factor to our high results in terms of employees feeling equally treated and appreciating their colleagues and managers.


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