Our focus areas

Our co-workers

Our greatest asset

Attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing the skills of our co-workers are important success factors for Sekab. Together, we want to build a company that is characterised by a safe working environment, good development opportunities and gender equality and diversity, as well as good leadership and employeeship. We work actively to ensure that all our co-workers are satisfied, develop their skills and feel motivated to go to work.

Safe working environment

Sekab’s HSM policy is comprehensive for our safety and work environment work. Health and safety must always come first. As an employer, we feel responsible for ensuring a safe workplace. Consequently, we also work continuously to follow up our work environment efforts and to work preventively to promote good health. Sekab’s work environment management system is integrated into the company’s management system. These systematic work environment efforts are carried out in collaboration between the company and its co-workers who are represented by safety representatives.

Equality and diversity

Sekabs equality and diversity policy clarifies the company’s work on equality and diversity. It is based on the basic principles according to the law of equal treatment and non-discrimination regardless of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic affiliation, religion or other beliefs. Together, people’s different experiences, education, life situation and values ​​create dynamic diversity that contributes to new perspectives and ideas.

Competence provision and skills development

Sekab shall be an attractive employer with good leadership and employeeship. We shall encourage competence development and, over time, ensure that the company has the right competences through strategic work with competence provision plans.

Responsible Care

Sekab is affiliated to Responsible Care. This means that in our business, the health and safety of our employees, our surroundings and the environment come first.

Vår värdegrund

Our Values

Together, we have chosen commitment, trust and creativity as the words that symbolise how we want to collaborate with each other and how we want to meet our customers, suppliers and others.

We are Committed – we help each other

We create Trust – we trust each other

We are Creative – we are solution oriented


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