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With over a hundred years of accumulated knowledge and experience of making good use of nature’s gifts, we want to share our expertise and we hope to inspire you on our journey together towards a fossil free world.

Our experts are specialists in their respective fields, and inspirational speakers dedicated to today’s challenges.

We offer keynote speeches, guest speeches or participation in panel discussions. We have suggested some headline examples, please contact us for finding a topic that suits your needs.

Emil Källström



​Emil Källström is the Member of Parliament who took the unexpected turn to become Vice President of a chemical company. Before Emil started at Sekab, he served as the spokesperson for Economy and Finance representing the Center Party. Emil holds an economics degree from the Stockholm School of Economics and brews his own beer on the homestead in Sund, not far from Sekab’s green chemical factory. 

Headline examples:
  • Tech vs Politics: How can politics and industry learn from each other?
  • How the world’s greenest chemical company find the world’s most sustainable clients
  • Sweden’s green industrial revolution: What’s happening and what can we learn?

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Mathilda Johansson

Research and Development engineer


Mathilda Johansson joined Sekab in 2021  to write her master’s thesis about high-yield fermentation of lignocellulosic sugar. Today she is part of the innovation team, working both with lab-scale research and technology development as well as process commercialization, upscaling and optimization. Mathilda holds a master’s degree in biotechnology from Chalmers University of Technology and has expertise in wood chemistry and forest-related value chains.

Headline examples:
  • Efficient utilization of lignocellulosic biomass components​
  • Challenges and opportunities with microbial-based industrial processes
  • Future prospects in the Scandinavian Forestry model and related biorefinery industry

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Eva-Marie Byberg

Head of Sustainability and Outreach



Eva-Marie Byberg has a background in politics and communications, from serving as press secretary to the deputy prime minister to working as a public affairs consultant.  She holds a degree in political science from Uppsala university.

Headline examples:

  • Building blocks for change: how the chemical industry holds the key to the green transition
  • Industrial policy and climate policy: together for a greener tomorrow
  • Thought leadership: how a small chemical factory in the north of Sweden takes on the global challenge
  • Eva-Marie is also an experienced moderator

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