Our focus areas

Responsibility at all levels

Sekab’s operation affects people and the environment throughout the value chain, from the choice of raw materials and production to distribution and end use. We run the business responsibly and with a long-term approach. In dialogue with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we focus on issues and areas in which we can have an impact and where our sustainability work contributes to making a difference.

Sekab´s sustainability initiatives are described within these four focus areas:

  • Employees
  • Responsible business
  • Climate and energy
  • Social responsibility

Seven selected goals

Through our expertise and type of operation, we have the opportunity to contribute to seven of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): numbers 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14. Within our focus areas for the business, we actively work to steer toward the relevant Sustainable Development Goals for each area. Also note the SDG labels in the rest of this report.

Our sustainability work is directly connected to seven of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goals

Focus area


  • Safe work environment
  • Gender equality and diversity
  • Skills supply and skills development

Goals and performance indicators

  • Safety goal – Reduce the number of uncontrolled incidents that could lead to a severe chemical accident to a maximum of one occurrence per five-year period
  • Sickness absence
  • Gender distribution
  • Number of completed performance reviews
  • Training hours/employee
  • Staff turnover
  • Average length of employment

Sustainable Development Goals

Focus area

Responsible business

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Responsibility in the supply chain

Goals and performance indicators

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Share of completed certifications among raw material suppliers

Sustainable Development Goals

Focus area

Climate and energy

  • Renewable products and technology
  • Energy use
  • Air emissions
  • Water emissions

Goals and performance indicators

  • Share of renewable energy
  • Amount TOC to air
  • Amount TOC to water

Sustainable Development Goals

Focus area

Corporate social responsibility

  • Advocacy
  • Technology development

Goals and performance indicators

  • Number of consultation responses
  • Number of op-eds


Attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing the skills of our co-workers are all important success factors for Sekab. Together, we want to build a company that is characterised by a safe working environment, good skills development opportunities and gender equality and diversity, as well as good leadership and employeeship. We work actively to ensure that all our co-workers are satisfied, develop their skills and feel motivated to go to work.

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Responsible Business

We work actively to ensure a sustainable value chain, from supplier to customer, in which risks are managed and irregularities are prevented. Zero tolerance applies to bribery, corruption and other anti-competitive activities. Good business ethics and transparency permeate everything we do and through clarity in our commitments and requirements towards our suppliers, we ensure that we carry out responsible business activities.

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Climate and Energy

Our environmental work is integrated throughout our operations. We are certified according to ISO 14001 and parts of our production are certified according to the ISCC sustainability system. In this way, we have control over the development of our environmental work.

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Skog flerfamiljshus vinter

Social responsibility

The world’s population is growing, but its assets are not growing to match this – instead they are decreasing. That’s why we do what we do; we provide industry and the society with long-term sustainable chemical products and biofuels. The result of our work has a direct impact on our future and in one way or another we are all affected.

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