Sekab and Swedish electric car company Polestar join forces to start collaborating in the project to create the world’s first truly climate-neutral car.

The Polestar 0 project started in 2021 with a goal to produce a truly climate-neutral car by 2030 by eliminating any emissions from raw material extraction, material manufacture, product manufacture and end of life.

Sekab will contribute to the project with bio-based chemicals. Sekab’s green chemicals have a wide range of application areas. They can be used in the production of various forms of plastics and rubber, lubricants, paints and glues. They can also act as intermediate chemicals in numerous industrial processes with an indefinite number of potential areas of application.

Sekab innovation team will collaborate with Polestar on defining the green chemical opportunities for the vehicle.

Sekab’s bio-based chemicals help our customers phase out unsustainable products and processes. We are a part of a green industrial revolution that is fundamentally changing how we produce goods and services. To collaborate and find new paths and solutions with like-minded players is our core business. We’re proud to partner with Polestar and provide our chemical expertise on the path to climate neutrality,” says Emil Källström, CEO at Sekab

Hans Pehrson, leader of the Polestar 0 project, says: “A project of this ambition requires partners at the cutting-edge of their industries and which are fully engaged in our bold vision. That’s why I’m looking forward to Sekab becoming a crucial part of our team as we find solutions for developing an entirely climate-neutral supply chain. Sekab’s expertise in bio-based chemicals will be invaluable in our mission and will play an integral role in pioneering new and innovative technologies to achieve what has so far been impossible.”

For more information:
Ylva Strömstedt, Head of Communications, +46-70-674 02 06
Emil Källström, CEO, +46-70-818 17 43


About the Polestar 0 Project

The Polestar 0 project is Polestar’s moon-shot goal of creating the first truly climate neutral car by 2030 which was announced in the company’s first annual review, published in April 2021. The Polestar 0 project aims to cut carbon emissions by changing the way that cars are made, rather than using traditional processes and then planting trees to offset CO2e. The approach will encompass collaboration across the entire development process and value chain, from suppliers to retailers. Polestar aims to be climate neutral across operations by 040. The project targets what Polestar can measure and control: zero carbon emissions in the production of the car, delivery to customer, and end-of-life. The use phase of an electric car can already today be close to climate neutral if the car is charged with renewable energy.