In 2004, the ethanol pilot in the Domsjö plant in Örnsköldsvik was inaugurated. Here SEKAB E-Technology is carrying out advanced research and development work to verify all the process steps required to commercialize the technology.

Demo Plant at night
The development work has comprised everything from raw materials, chemical and biological processes, command and control technology to the integration of these processes with other production.

Biorefinery demo plant is a demonstration plant for fractionation of lignocellulosic materials (for example wood or straw). In particular the demonstration plant can be used for fractionation of wood in to sugars and lignin and further fermenting the sugars into green chemicals, proteins or other products. The plant is based on technology developed by SEKAB who has been operating and developing the plant since 2004 and has the formal operational responsibility for the demonstration plant. From beginning of 2013, SEKAB and the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) have worked together to manage, operate and develop the functionality of the demo plant.

What makes us unique compared to other development sites is that E-Technology runs continuous shift operations. Experiences around debris deposits, logging, material wear and tear and so on that occur in the process in conjunction with prolonged operations and causes breakdowns are here learned to handle. Also the integration of a bio combine are of vital importance for the operating economy of a full scale production plant.

SEKAB has experience from over 28,000 hours of operations in the demo plant and this has created unique know-how and knowledge which does not exist anywhere else in the industry.