• Long experience of transportation on water, road and railway

SEKAB is well located from a logistical point of view. From Örnsköldsvik, we can conduct both imports and exports on a large scale, both by land and by water.

A reliable supplier

Rail – the climate-friendly option

The railway is one of the most climate-friendly methods to transport goods. We load wagons continuously and directly from our plant and transport the goods out to Sweden and Europe. Some of our products are only shipped by rail due to special requirements concerning the protective atmosphere in the tanks.

Ports – shipping all year round

SEKAB has access to two ports – the port of Alfredshem in connection with the production plant, and also to a deep water harbour in Järved across the bay. Thanks to the substantial depth of this harbour heavy ocean-going cargo ships can access it to load and unload raw materials and products. Shipping traffic can access this harbour regardless of ice conditions.

Road – the flexible option

SEKAB’s transport logistics function very well. We are flexible and can deliver according to customer requirements.

Storage – flexible storage areas

SEKABs storage capacity in Örnsköldsvik Sweden for raw materials and finished products amounts to 70 000 cubic metres.

  • Contacts

    Johanna Johansson
    Sales Support
    Telephone +46 (0)660-793 27

    Frej Ågren
    Frej Ågren
    Logistic Planner, Vessel and Railway
    Telephone +46 (0)660-793 38

    Daniela Rupach
    Daniela Rupach
    Sales Support
    Telephone +46 (0)660-793 26

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  • SEKAB Product Sheet

    Ethyl acetate
    Premium Pure Windscreen Washer Fluid
    Premium Pure Technical Ethanol 95%
    Premium Pure Thermol