Svebio is a nonprofit interest organisation that works to promote the development and use of bioenergy in a sustainable society, both in Sweden and in a global arena. The organisation is a unifying force and a natural meeting place in the bioenergy sector for companies and individual members. Member companies cover the entire production chain in the field of bioenergy.

From raw materials, through transportation and trading, processing plants such as pellet plants and biofuel producers to end-users of bioenergy in heating plants and in industries. The common denominator is that all members strive towards the development of bioenergy.


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  • SEKAB Product Sheet

    Ethyl acetate
    Premium Pure Windscreen Washer Fluid
    Premium Pure Technical Ethanol 95%
    Premium Pure Thermol

  • We make

    ethanol from cellulose

    Follow the flow through the demo plant

    Follow the flow through the demo plant


    production of ethanol from cellulose

    Demo plant

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