Our whole society revolves around oil and it’s not just about transportation. Plastics, paints, aerosol propellants and solvents – a multitude of everyday products have initially been pumped out of the ground. Green chemicals from bioethanol help to make the chemical industry, and our world, greener.

Almost the entire chemicals industry is dependent on oil. Fossil raw materials have been converted into a lot of what you see around you in the form of plastics and other materials. It has probably also been fossil energy that has raised the walls around you and put up the roof you are sitting under. Even foodstuffs like vinegar are in many cases produced from crude oil.

We at SEKAB believe that the way towards a sustainable society is through green alternatives. Therefore, we offer our customers the opportunity to choose totally green chemical products within the European market. We can import biologically produced sustainable ethanol and convert it into renewable raw materials used in the chemicals industry.

Today most platform chemicals are produced from fossil raw materials. SEKAB uses either biological or fossil ethanol raw materials in its production; the choice is determined by market demand. All chemicals that can be produced from oil can instead be produced from ethanol.
Green chemicals mean that the chemicals industry acquires renewable raw materials. This means that the products form part of the natural carbon cycle and do not contribute to all of the problems that the extraction, refining and combustion of oil imply. We all stand to gain from this.

A major step towards more environmentally friendly products is environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials and a prerequisite for this is that the chemicals market. We at SEKAB ensure that our green chemicals leave minimal footprints in the environment and on humans throughout the entire production chain. This is our contribution to a greener society.