Green chemicals are crucial to a climate-safe society

Cosmetics, paint and even food – many everyday products begin as fossil raw materials and therefore contribute to climate change. But there are alternatives. SEKAB produces green chemicals with much lower carbon footprints that will help wean us from oil dependency.

Green chemicals

SEKAB is part of a long tradition of chemical industries built up during World War II based on ethanol production at pulp mills. Ethanol was both a domestic fuel and a raw material for chemicals that were difficult to import during the war years due to border closures.

The ethanol industry and the production of green chemicals remain firmly in place and, from SEKAB’s perspective, we see how renewable materials and the sustainable production of chemicals gains in importance every year.

The chemical industry’s share of the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions is estimated at approximately five per cent. This means that using bio-based raw materials for chemicals and renewable energy in production processes can create significant climate savings.

We compete with fossil – and cheap – raw materials

Today, SEKAB has the capacity to produce 42,000 tonnes of green acetaldehyde, 36,000 tonnes of green ethyl acetate and 24,000 tonnes of green acetic acid annually. Since SEKAB was founded in 1985, our process has (with few exceptions) been able to compete on price with similar chemicals from fossil raw materials. We take great pride in being able to offer a competitive product that is also renewable.

Stopping dependency on fossil raw materials

Replacing chemicals made from fossil raw materials with biochemicals is important for two reasons: firstly, it reduces the chemical industry’s impact on the climate and, secondly, it helps us reduce our dependence on oil. Decreasing supply and increasing demand for crude oil will lead to higher prices and, together with a substantial environmental and climate impact, this implies that the chemical industry must shift to sustainable and renewable raw materials.

Influence the demand for entirely green products

Most of what is currently produced from fossil raw materials (e.g., coal, oil and gas) could just as well be made from ethanol. Up to now, fossil raw materials have been cheaper and most market players make their purchases based entirely on price. It is therefore important to stimulate a debate on the fossil-dependent chemical industry and increase demand for green chemicals and products within the industry and among consumers.

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