I am very pleased to begin this collaboration made public last week in a press release from Praj.

The challenges of our time and the transition to a sustainable economy entail conditions we need to respond to if we are to ensure continued competitiveness.Every day, Sekab’s co-workers work to take us one step closer to our vision of a sustainable society. Through commitment, competence and responsiveness to the market, they ensure that we reach our goals.

Our advocacy – highlighting how the economy needs to change in order to promote sustainable growth – and our initiative to support this development has made us an often called on party in the work towards a global bioeconomy.

Today, we refine and convert bioethanol into biofuels and chemical products that can finally be found in what many people use in their everyday lives. Everything that is produced today from oil can instead, with great climate benefits, be produced from renewable ethanol.

This collaboration creates value for Sekab and the increasing demand for sustainable chemical products.