Click on the flaps and be inspired by what it’s possible to do for our climate

Next year the EU will be distributing SEK 7,500 billion in recovery grants in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and a third of this will go to green and digital transition. This will speed up the environmental work in all of the EU’s member states, Sweden’s share is estimated to be SEK 10 billion. Sekab is one of the Swedish companies and partners of the Swedish 2030 Secretariat 2030-sekretariatet that have contributed to the compilation of 31 climate-smart proposals in a Christmas calendar aimed at demonstrating what it is possible to achieve with the help of this EU funding. These proposals are described behind each of the flaps in the 2030 Secretariat’s Christmas calendar. It is an impressive collection of projects that provide both hope and faith in the future.

Click on the flaps and see for yourself!
The Christmas calendar day by day:
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You can find Sekab’s contribution to speeding up the climate action behind flaps:
2                    Green Chemistry for Sustainable everyday Products,
7                    Climate-friendly transport for green chemicals to Europe
14                  Swedish Chemical Plant for Production of green chemicals
16                  Swedish Biorefinery promotes the global bioeconomy

If you would like to know more about what Sekab wants to achieve through its partnership in the 2030 Secretariat, you are welcome to contact Lena Nordgren, biofuel expert at Sekab. You can reach her on 070 589 64 41. Contacts for each of the climate proposals can be found behind each respective flap.