Sekab’s bio-based chemicals are the green alternative in a fossil chemical industry. In order to clarify our offer and present our bio-based chemicals in a more transparent way, we have streamlined our product portfolio and launched new names for our products.

We understand that the transition towards a sustainable chemical industry does not happen overnight. It takes many small steps to really take sustainability to the next level and beyond. Many everyday products are produced from chemicals made of fossil raw materials, but there are alternatives.

– The chemical industry, just like everyone else, needs to change and we need to change quickly. We want to help our customers solve their sustainability challenges and by offering them to take a small step with us and choose our green chemicals, together we can make a big difference says Eva-Marie Byberg, Head of Sustainability and Outreach at Sekab.

“Choosing a green chemical from Sekab is always a sustainable choice”

Sekab manufactures bio-based chemicals with the same quality and chemical properties as their fossil counterparts, but with minimal climate impact. The products are certified according to global standards and sustainably produced in northern Sweden.

All of Sekab’s products are bio-based and sustainable, but we offer several different certificates depending on the customers’ ambitions. With the new product levels Pure, Prime and Basic, we make it easier for our customers to choose a product that suits them.

Basic is a bio-based product, but without certificates or CO2 values. Prime comes with a range of certificates and CO2 values ​​and Pure is not only certified but also 100 percent bio-based through physical traceability.

– Sekab has a unique position with products and knowledge that can create real change in a short time. The new product levels will make it easier for our customers to make the right choice. Choosing a green chemical from Sekab is always a sustainable choice, but we also hear more and more customers asking for physical traceability and certificates. Of course we can offer that, says Adam Lindholm, Head of Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

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