Acetic acid is an important part of many everyday products. Sekab’s bio-based acetic acid can reduce the carbon footprint by up to 50 percent. Sekab’s investment in new production capacity is now up and running, enabling faster and larger deliveries.

Acetic acid is a widely utilized raw material in various industries, including plastics, adhesives, shampoos, paints, solvents, and medicines. By bolstering its production capabilities, Sekab is poised to unleash a vast supply of bio-based acetic acid onto the market.

– Even in a very competitive market there is a demand for our bio-based alternatives to fossil chemicals. The enhanced production capacity enables us to effectively meet the supply requirements in Europe, says Adam Lindholm, Head of Sales and Business Development at Sekab.

The flagship offering Acetic Acid Pure, exclusively available from Sekab, represents a quantum leap in sustainability. The product is 100% physically bio-based, enabling businesses to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by an impressive 50 percent (or more should they opt to go for the product produced from 2G feedstock). Acetic Acid Pure has undergone comprehensive certification in accordance with the ISCC+ standards, affirming its unparalleled sustainability and traceability. With a track record of zero unplanned downtime over several years, this remarkable product is manufactured within a stable production facility renowned for its bio-based chemical expertise. 

– Chemicals play a significant role in the carbon footprint of any product, despite their position further down the value chain. While achieving emission reduction in various areas can be challenging, transitioning from fossil-based acetic acid to the bio-based alternative is arguably one of the most accessible quick fixes, says Eva-Marie Byberg, Head of Sustainability at Sekab.

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