The green chemical company Sekab has appointed Emil Källström as CEO. As the green alternative in a fossil-dependent industry, the company is ready to take the business to the next level.

In August, Sekab’s board appointed Emil Källström as interim CEO. The board has now decided to make Källström the company’s permanent CEO.

– The next few years the industry will face great challenges, but for Sekab as the green alternative there will also be great opportunities. The position of  CEO at Sekab will place high demands on change leadership and balancing the optimization of today’s operations with the constant movement towards our long-term goal. In Emil Källström, we will have a CEO who has shown that he masters both perspectives and the board is happy that he is prepared to continue the work that has taken off so well, says Gunnar Olofsson, chairman of the board at Sekab.

Emil Källström joined Sekab in autumn 2021 as deputy CEO with responsibility for strategic business development. Since August 2022, he has led the company as interim CEO.

– Just over a year ago, I was attracted to Sekab in order to participate in and contribute to the green industrial revolution. Since then, I have realized that the potential for a sustainable player in an industry so dependent on oil as the chemical industry today is massive. We have big deals to make and every deal we make squeezes ouy fossil-based alternatives. That, if anything, is a motivation to, together with a strong team, take this company into the next phase. It is in the industry that the green transition is really taking place, says Emil Källström, CEO of Sekab.


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