ED95 is an ethanol based fuel for adapted diesel engines. It consists of 95 percent pure ethanol with the addition of ignition improver, lubricant and corrosion protection. In a diesel engine adapted for ED95 ethanol’s potential can be up to 40 percent better utilised than in a petrol engine.

ED95 provides both good energy effect and reduces climate change – carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 70 percent. The third and latest generation of diesel ethanol (ED95-engines) from Scania is certified according to the most stringent requirements on the market today; Euro V and EEV.

ED95 produces very low emissions of particulates, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons compared to equivalent diesel usage, which is good for both the environment and air quality. The ethanol SEKAB delivers always complies with the sustainability rules of the Swedish Energy Agency and the EU, and it almost always lives up to significantly higher standards.

Sofie Indevall

Sofie Indevall

Head of the biofuels business area


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