turning biomass into pure profit

We can help you turn your residual
biomass into pure profit.

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You don’t have to throw away your ideas on how to use cellulosic co-products. We can help you turn your biomass into profit.


The timber industry, agriculture, the food industry and manufacturing. Many companies have one thing in common – cellulose-based co-products, a resource they do not know how to exploit. The Swedish chemicals company SEKAB has developed CelluAPP® in response to this need. CelluAPP® makes it possible to refine almost all forms of biomass into eco-friendly, high-quality and profitable chemical products, biogas and lignin.


Has been developed in Domsjö where cellulose research dates back 100 years. In the biorefinery cluster outside Örnsköldsvik, intensive research and continuous test runs of our pilot plant have resulted in the refinement of a technology that takes advantage of the latent value of residues from forestry and agriculture. The goal: chemicals and fuels that do not require fossil resources or arable land and that meet future requirements regarding environmental benefits and sustainability.

Today we have a number of patents covering everything from pretreatment of raw material to downstream processing and system optimization. Today we are at the forefront of international research.

CelluAPP® – Verified process

The CelluAPP® technology is developed and verified in an industrial test environment through extensive continuous around-the-clock operation runs in a demo plant. The demonstration plant in April was renamed the Biorefinery Demo Plant, is located in close proximity to SEKAB’s production facility in Örnsköldsvik and has been in operation since 2004. The development of the CelluAPP® technology has encompassed everything from raw materials, chemical and biological processes, control and regulation technology to integration with other production.

The result is a technology with great potential for those of you who have biomass as a by or waste product in your business. CelluAPP® enables you to take advantage of an untapped resource and at the same time making a significant contribution to the environment and our climate.

Thore Lindgren

Thore Lindgren

Head of technology and business development


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    Follow the flow through the demo plant

    Follow the flow through the demo plant


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