Sekab is working toward a selection of sustainability goals and has four focus areas that are helping the company to ensure a safe work environment, gender-equal working conditions, good business ethics, climate and energy efficiency and social responsibility. In Sekab’s sustainability initiatives, the company also looks at each step – from production of the raw material to use of products by customers – and how it impacts the environment and people.

Our entire business concept is about sustainability, which is why we also want to involve others in the challenge to work toward a more sustainable society. We believe that the more people work together, the greater the chances of success.

This year, we have started to develop sustainability initiatives together with customers. We are figuring out what our customers’ customers are asking for, and how we can help solve their green challenges. Thanks to a good dialogue with our customers’ purchasers and sustainability managers, we can both educate and move in the right direction.

It’s rewarding to be a sustainability managerat Sekab, because my colleagues here are very involved in environmental and climate issues. The people who have joined us in recent years have often done so because of our sustainable profile and to help contribute to the conversion themselves. We discuss sustainability at all levels here, and if you weren’t aware before, you will be.

We discuss sustainability at all levels here, and if you weren’t aware before, you will be.

If I compare 2021 to how things looked five years ago, I can also see that our focus on sustainability reporting has made us even more aware of the overall picture and emphasized how much we actually contribute together. That creates internal pride and helps guide us toward our goals in our daily work.

Another difference today is that society is more environmentally aware overall. You can’t just say that you’re sustainable – you have to show it. For us, that’s a positive! We need consumers who set demands and want green everyday products. Especially because we are so far from the end product, it’s good when the influence comes from several different directions. Together, our employees, customers, end customers, suppliers, owners, politicians and consumers can make a difference.”