Bill Gates’ investment of billions in green fuel in northern Sweden shows that our part of the world has much to offer for a green and sustainable transition. In the chemical industry, the need to transition to climate-neutral solutions is crucial. The right expertise is therefore necessary to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. As a company, it is important to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world.

The entire society needs to collectively take responsibility to demonstrate that the challenge of skills supply is of utmost importance. Collaborations between industry and education, from an early age to an academic level, provide an excellent opportunity to increase young people’s interest in the field and contribute to the development of education, research, and innovation. This creates shared profitability and sustainable growth, competitiveness, and attractiveness.

Therefore, Sekab actively supports initiatives that aim to spark early interest in technology, natural sciences, and process industries. There are fantastic career opportunities in the chemical industry, where areas such as technology, innovation, and chemistry may seem obvious. However, the needs in areas such as economics, communication, and logistics are equally important. There are endless possibilities here.

The Nobel Prizes were awarded a few days ago. The prize winners all sparked their interest and began their careers somewhere. What may seem technically impossible today could be common practice tomorrow. For young talents who want to contribute to the climate transition, the chemical industry is a good choice. The needs are great, but the opportunities are even greater.

Kristina Lindkvist
Head of HR

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