The previous year concluded with the historic UN Climate Summit COP28 in Dubai. Never before have nations come together to agree on a coordinated transition away from oil, gas, and coal. Now, we are witnessing the “beginning of the end” for the fossil fuels era.

In 2024, the emphasis will be on how the phasing out of fossil fuels will unfold. Concrete action is now required from lawmakers to businesses and individuals alike.

2024 is a significant election year, with both the USA and the EU heading to the polls. The European election will impact how the ambitious, yet incompletely implemented, Green Deal package will be carried forward and operationalized. Pre-election analyses highlight its crucial role in both addressing climate concerns and securing Europe’s competitiveness in the global transition to climate neutrality.

The goal is clear: the European industry must reduce its emissions. Cement, steel, and chemicals are the three largest industrial emitters and bear additional responsibility. Caution is advised against measures that may undermine competitiveness in these sectors, as maintaining a balance is crucial. Those of us who have already transitioned are convinced that it has positioned us well for the decades ahead.

Lena Nordgren
Public Affairs Specialist

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