In Sekab’s customer survey, delivery reliability stands out as a priority for customers. For Mikael Lundqvist, Head of Production and Maintenance, delivery reliability is not just a point on the agenda but a central part of Sekab’s operations. It’s about more than meeting expectations; it’s about proudly creating a secure and safe business for our customers

How many unplanned interruptions did Sekab have in 2023?
We are proud to report another year with the number zero. We have had no unplanned interruptions affecting our ability to deliver to customers.

How is this possible?
We work methodically and meticulously to take care of our factory throughout the year. In 2023, we had an extra-long planned maintenance shutdown. Additionally, we have a great collaboration with our neighbors at the High Coast Innovation Park, so when things have happened, as they always do, we have been able to help each other out and find solutions.

What would you say is the main reason for Sekab’s high delivery reliability?
It’s our skilled employees who know our facility and processes so well. We know how things should be, allowing us to take preventive measures that give us a good starting point. Also, we are solution-oriented when  external circumstances disrupt our routines.