As European legislation on environmental claims approaches, it’s a great signal that brands are now held responsible for substantiating their claims. This drives change. The problem with the slow pace of industrial transition must be tackled from all angles.

Requiring proof for claims means we need accurate tools for measurement. All systems currently use fossil-based norms, which invariably disadvantage bio-based products. It’s invaluable that a major player like EcoInvent adjusts to provide an accurate picture.

As producers and distributors of industrial building blocks, we bear significant responsibility. Transparent and clear communication is crucial, calling a spade a spade and a fossil carbon atom a fossil carbon atom. This is what our customers will demand.

The McKinsey report also highlights that brands will be key players in the transition. Companies marketing sustainable products to achieve a green premium with consumers will bear the risk if they lack solid footing. At the same time, they also have the most to gain.

This is yet another example where the value chain needs to collaborate. As we say at Sekab – everything starts with sustainable chemicals.

Eva-Marie Byberg
EVP, Head of Sustainability & Strategy


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