The green chemical company Sekab has appointed Anna Svedberg as Head of Innovation to lead the company’s development towards new partnerships and the next generation of green chemicals. 

Sekab, as the green alternative in the chemical industry, is rapidly advancing. The company sees significant opportunities to further advance its position and take an even clearer role as a thought leader in the transition of the chemical industry and the entire manufacturing industry. 

Sekab’s research and development department is a strategically important area for growing ahead with new initiatives and new collaborations. 

“Sekab’s research and development should go hand in hand with the daily operations in the factory. Green chemicals are crucial for the transition and our knowledge is demanded. For example, when Polestar is making a completely climate-neutral car, they turn to Sekab. With Anna Svedberg’s deep expertise and good leadership, we will take further steps forward,” says Emil Källström, CEO of Sekab. 

Anna Svedberg has extensive experience working at the intersection of the academy and industry. She is an adjunct professor of chemical engineering at Mid Sweden University and has previously worked as research director at MoRe Research. Most recently, she comes from Domsjö Fabriker, where she held a position as CTO. 

“The opportunity to work with tangible development that can make a real difference is what’s attractive with Sekab. The entire business is built on deep knowledge, which gives us a fantastic foundation to stand on as we continue to build and challenge a chemical industry that is still unsure of how to get out of their fossil tracks,” says Anna Svedberg. 

Anna Svedberg begins at Sekab on May 2. 

For more information:  

Emil Källström, CEO, +46-70-818 17 43  

Anna Svedberg Head of Innovation, +46-70-8191175