Today, Sekab together with Boliden, Borgstena, Lindholmen Science Park, Polestar, SKF, SSAB, Stora Enso, Volvo Cars, and multiple universities announce a new collaboration – Mission 0 House. The shared ambition is to pioneer technologies and solutions to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

Mission 0 House is a pilot initiative in which a range of major players aspire to firmly position themselves at the forefront of the materials and manufacturing industry by aiming to eliminate future greenhouse gas emissions.  

“To achieve a completely sustainable value chain, collaboration from all parties is essential. With our ambition to be the world’s greenest chemical company, we are proud to be part of Mission 0 House alongside others who share the same ambition within their respective industries,” says Emil Källström, CEO of Sekab. 

 By bringing together researchers with material and product engineers under one roof, the project aims to approach completely climate-neutral materials for the society of the future. The idea is for Mission 0 House to be established in Gothenburg, Sweden.   

Mission 0 House provides us with a unique opportunity to collectively focus on developing solutions to eliminate future greenhouse gas emissions. By creating a platform where researchers and engineers can collaborate, we are confident that we can drive the innovations needed for a future with modern materials free from greenhouse gas emissions,” says Hans Pehrson, Polestar, who leads the daily operations at Mission 0 House.  

Mission 0 House will initially focus on creating the conditions for a long-term strategic initiative where product companies, material suppliers, and academia collaborate. Concrete development projects will be carried out to build shared knowledge and capabilities across different sectors.  

Thanks to cross-industry research partnerships, SSAB is on track to eliminate around 90 percent of carbon dioxide emissions from the steel production. Naturally, we also aim to address the remaining percentage, and we do so by collaborating in projects like Mission 0 House,” says Eva Petursson, Head of Research and Innovation at SSAB. 

 The pilot project, funded by the participating companies and Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova, serves as a springboard for a future larger consortium involving more stakeholders in the long-term initiative. 

Eliminating greenhouse gases requires identifying and solving problems that demand new knowledge, innovative technologies, and swift implementation. Together we can make a difference! ” says Helena Theander, Strategic Research and Innovation Manager at Lindholmen Science Park.  


Facts about Mission 0 House 

Project Title: Preparatory Project for the Establishment of Mission 0 House
Project Partners: Boliden, Borgstena, Lindholmen Science Park, Polestar, Sekab, SKF, SSAB, Stora Enso, Volvo Cars
Total Funding: 22,869,546 SEK, of which granted funding from Vinnova is 12,957,650 SEK and 1,494,050 SEK from VGR and the remaining from the industrial partners. 

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