Demand for sustainable products is increasing drastically, and Sekab’s offer in biofuels and green chemistry comes just in time. As a result, the company is investing in the commercialization of new technology as well as changing its CEO and appointing a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Sekab is currently one of Europe’s leading biochemistry companies. Every year, the company delivers biofuels and chemical products to customers in Sweden and abroad. In addition to their best-selling products, Sekab is a leader in innovative solutions in green chemistry and has the technological capacity to produce cellulosic ethanol. The company’s product development is done in the city of Örnsköldsvik, often with partners such as the research institute RISE, and has great potential to make a difference for both Sekab and other companies as well as for the climate.

Today’s strict climate goals require all of us to make real change. That creates an even greater need for the solutions that Sekab delivers, and places new demands on the company. With the right solutions, there are good opportunities to participate in the many investments that are being made in the climate, especially at the European level.

As a result, Sekab’s board has decided to scale up the company’s product development process and increase its focus on commercializing their pioneering technology for second-generation ethanol production.

Monica Normark becomes CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and responsible for bringing the technology to market.

– Sekab has unique expertise that can be transformed into sustainable products. Demand is rising, and actors across Europe are ready to invest in new solutions. It’s our responsibility to not only join that journey but to take the lead. Monica Normark has a PhD in chemistry and is a reputable expert in the industry. She is the right person to lead Sekab’s product development efforts in this new phase, says Gunnar Olofsson, Chairman of the Board.

Monica Normark is currently head of biorefinery technology at the company.

– Sekab has enormous potential to contribute to the change that society needs to make. Our innovations are ready to be brought to market. It’s very satisfying to see that what we have worked on in the lab in Domsjö can be released and realize its full potential, says Monica Normark.

In connection with a stronger focus on commercialization and product development, the role of the Sekab group will also change. The Board has therefore decided that it’s time to appoint a new president and CEO, and the current CEO Tomas Nilsson will leave the company. Recruitment of a new CEO will begin shortly.

– When Sekab’s focus shifts to product development, the role of the group management changes somewhat. The Board therefore wants to give a new CEO the mandate to help create the optimal structure for Sekab going forward. During his five years as CEO, Tomas Nilsson streamlined production and created a strong financial foundation which will be the basis for our next steps, says Gunnar Olofsson, Chairman of the Board.

Sekab’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and HR manager Jessica Eklöf will be acting CEO until a new CEO is appointed.

For more information:

Gunnar Olofsson, Chairman of the Board, +46 70-334 15 16
Monica Normark, incoming CTO, +46 70-230 14 86
Kristina Nilsson, Head of Corporata Communications, +46 70-2749901