Service Offerings

within bio refinery design and technology

From pre-study to full-scale production

Our offerings range from feasibility studies on potential raw materials to the technical and financial evaluation of a potentially full-scale process and biorefinery design.

Raw Material Analysis

The evaluation of potential raw materials, which may include tests from laboratory scale to demo scale. SEKAB E-Technology adopts a holistic approach to these studies, from planning, implementation and evaluation to recommendations.


A tool for the initial evaluation of business opportunities. A technical and economic analysis prior to possible investment in a production plant.

Preliminary study – feasibility

Adapted to the customer’s wishes, a prestudy/feasibility study is planned aimed at being the basis for investment assessment.

Pre-study from raw material to finished products

  • Appropriate process solution for the specific feasibility study
  • Mass and energy balances for the selected process solution
  • Basis for investment assessment
  • Layout adapted to the customer’s site
  • OPEX and CAPEX assessments
  • Financial analysis

Customised process solutions

  • Services for feasibility studies and pre-planning of ethanol plants based on forest and agricultural by-products.
  • Licensing of the technology including design packages for cellulose-based ethanol plants.
  • Testing of customers’ raw materials in the demo plant in Örnsköldsvik to create process and design data.
  • Time in the demo plant for companies that for example want to test processes, yeasts, enzymes and the like.


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