For most people summer holidays are probably what they look forward to the most these days, I do too. But I must admit, come autumn and I won’t be much disappointed. I am really excited to, together with all my new colleagues at Sekab, continue the work for a climate neutral society and increased usage of biofuels worldwide. I have had a great first month on the new job.

Since I much appreciate being part of a workplace, talking about this and that while grabbing a coffee, the high level of remote working has been a challenge. But lots of digital meetings, and a few irl ones, with all the professional and positive colleagues at Sekab has really boosted my energy.

Sekab has a crucial part to play in breaking the dependency on fossil fuels all around the world. That is what first came to thought when the CEO position was offered to me, and I feel more and more reassured of this for each day that passes.

The global chemistry industry is still highly dependent on fossil fuels and is facing a huge challenge. At Sekab we have both the knowledge and commitment to help in the conversion to sustainability. For us, the green revolution means great opportunities.

I said yes to this job after 23 years at AFRY, a large and global company. At AFRY the impact and importance of sustainability has grown immensely over the last years. So has my commitment to it.

Being born and raised in Bjästa, Örnsköldsvik, adds and extra dimension to this job and it makes me proud. In 1909 the first drops of ethanol were produced industrially from forest residues in this area, it lay the foundation for the ethanol expertise that Sekab still manages and develops today. In 2008 Sekab was first in the world to launch and deliver verified sustainable ethanol.

In many ways the chemical industry evolves from biochemistry but has over the years become increasingly dependent on fossil fuels. Now it is slowly making its way back to biochemistry again. The circle closes and the future is bio ethanol from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Great opportunities lie ahead of us!

Have a great summer!

Mikael Fränckel, CEO