A thousand and one…sustainable carbon atoms

The phrase ‘follow the money’ has historically been about uncovering irregularities, but it’s time to use it to build a successful future business. McKinsey’s report shows that those who wish to be truly attractive for future investments must have a clear story on how they contribute to a more sustainable society.

Now, the requirements for legislated sustainability reporting are tightening, which is a positive development. However, the glossary of the annual report is not enough; there must also be a story to go with it.

Real transformation involves understanding the full impact without greenwashing and shortcuts. Lego’s example is commendable. What was thought to be a gain turned out to be a zero sum game, leading to a reevaluation. Many would likely reach the same conclusion if they scrutinized their choices: there simply is no way around the raw materials. Sustainable carbon atoms must go into the system somewhere.

Both realism and poetry are needed to drive the transition. The beauty is that green chemistry with sustainable carbon atoms is not a fantasy – it exists today, and there is every reason to turn the page for manufacturing industries anchored in fossil-based feedstocks.


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Eva-Marie Byberg 
Head of Sustainability