We surround ourselves daily with products that contain chemicals, for instance nappies, cosmetics, cleaning products and paint. Because of their common use it is important to manufacture these products with as little negative impact as possible, on the environment and the climate.

But today, many chemical products are made using fossil-based raw materials such as oil, and the energy used for production often comes from fossil-based sources. That means that the negative impact on both the environment and the climate is high.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Chemicals can just as well be made using renewable energy and resources, like we do with our guaranteed renewable acetaldehyde. The resource that we use to produce it is sustainably certified ethanol, made from forest residues. At SEKAB’s facility outside Örnsköldsvik, we produce circularly, using advanced biological purification and 100 percent renewable energy.

The beauty is that chemicals have the same properties, no matter that resource they are made from. Our green chemicals thus offer the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable society, without jeopardising the quality and properties of the final product.

The economic benefits of using sustainable chemicals are also increasing. A sustainable offer means a greater competitive advantage to ever more companies. As the world is moving towards a greater awareness about climate change, consumer demand for sustainable products is also increasing. That helps create fertile ground for profitable and sustainable business in the future.

The price for our green acetaldehyde is in line with fossil-based alternatives. For other basic chemicals, the price can both be higher and somewhat lower, depending on current commodity prices.

But no matter the price, the great gains for both the climate and the environment is a clear win for everyone.