For the third year running, SEKAB’s Ylwa Alwarsdotter is celebrated for her work in developing the bioeconomy. It is the international magazine Il Bioeconomista that on Women’s Day every year, lists the industry’s most prominent women.

“I feel very privileged to be celebrated in this context. We need more strong women working to develop the bioeconomy in order to break the fossil fuel dependency,” says Ylwa Alwarsdotter, Strategic Market Development Officer at SEKAB Biofuels & Chemicals.

Il Bioeconomista is an international web magazine covering the bioeconomy. Since 2015, the magazine has acknowledged the women considered most important for developing the bioeconomy, on Women’s Day.

On the 2019 list, there are 16 women from companies all over the globe. For the third consecutive year Ylwa Alwarsdotter, Strategic Market Development Officer at SEKAB, is mentioned on the list.

“Ylwa is doing an amazing job, not least to implement the EU decision on increasing the quota of biofuels in the transport sector. A Swedish investment aid to support advanced biofuels is a prerequisite in making our transports fossil free,” says Tomas Nilsson, CEO at SEKAB.

SEKAB is a Swedish chemical and clean-tech company that convert ethanol into biofuels and chemicals. SEKAB also develops technology for new sustainable products made from lignocellulose raw materials.

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The full list at Il Bioeconomista is found here.

Press photo of Ylwa Alwarsdotter is found here.

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