Current feasibility study

From forest to product

Our technology can make green chemicals and biofuels from the forest

– we are now investigating the creation of our own production facility

With the increasing demand for green chemicals, we see the opportunity to contribute to climate change adaptation by commercialising our technology. We are currently investigating the conditions required to build a production facility in Sweden that makes green chemicals from residual products from the forest.

 Sekab has developed a unique technology called CelluAPP. It takes residual products from the forest, such as sawdust, and processes them into green raw materials such as forest sugar, ethanol and lignin. They in turn can become products that contribute to climate change adaptation: from biofuels to asphalt and medicines. The technology has been developed and tested by us in our demo facility and is now ready for large scale use.

We want to show the way

Sekab has the technology that can be part of the solution to the challenges of climate change. The transition to sustainable solutions must go faster and the time is right for us to take our responsibility and investigate the possibility of letting our technology contribute more.

The Swedish forest is a fantastic resource that can be utilised more if we make use of the residual products. Swedish technology can contribute to reduced emissions and to green jobs in Sweden.

By taking the first step ourselves, we can pave the way for more and similar investments based on our unique technology. Our collaboration with Praj continues to demonstrate the value of this technology in a global market and our own production facility will strengthen the possibilities that our technology will make a difference.

The Feasibility Study

We have been working with the CelluAPP technology for a long time. We are carrying out a feasibility study with the aim of establishing a production facility in Sweden that utilises the technology.

Among other things, the feasibility study will investigate the financing of this facility. Since this project is in line with the European priority to invest in technology that contributes to climate change adaptation, we have submitted an application to the European Innovation Fund.

The feasibility study is also looking into the issue of location. The first choice is that the facility should be adjacent to the bioeconomic cluster in Örnsköldsvik, however the availability of raw materials and the possibilities regarding suitable land and environmental permits must be examined in the feasibility study before a decision can be made.

The feasibility study will be completed in the autumn of 2022 and thereafter an investment decision can be made.

With the strict and distinct climate goals that are now in place, the transition must go faster. There is an increasing demand for green products and the potential to make more out of the forest is great. Sekab has developed a technology that takes residual products from the forest such as sawdust and converts them into green chemical products. It is now time for this ground-breaking technology to be used on a large scale. We are therefore actively exploring the possibilities of building a production facility in Sweden based on this technology. It is our responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Monica Normark – Chief Technology Officer


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